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        08/28/16 - 11/26/17 1st-8th gr. 2017 Fall Season 

        08/28/17 - 10/29/17 9-12th gr. 2017 Fall Season

        08/28/17 - 09/01/17  2017 Fall Season Tryouts


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3th Grade Roster


4th Grade Roster


6th Grade Roster


7th Grade Roster


8th Grade Roster

Bottom row: Aleks Timotijevic, Everett Vivian, Darius Manney, Dorian Manney and Aidan Gedville
Top row: Erikas Keturakis, Julian Gatewood, Niko Ivosevic, Kyrell Daniel, Edgaras Zilys, Anthony Fornero and Christian Payton

Frosh/Soph Roster


Varsity Roster


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