14911 127th Street,
Lemont, IL 60439
630 235 0264

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        11/28/16 - 02/27/17 1st-7th gr. Winter Season 

        02/27/17 - 03/03/17 Spring Season Tryouts


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Welcome to Lituanica Athletic Club

Lituanica is home to the Lituanica Athletic Club (LAC). Since 1995 we have been teaching the game of basketball to athletes of all ages. Our goal is to prepare our student athletes for competitive basketball at all levels.

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2017 Spring Season Tryouts


                                                   SPRING 2017 TRY-OUT DATES

              4th gr. B 2/28 5:30-7pm(big gym) and 3/01 6-7:30pm(small gym) coach L.Zebrauskas

              4th gr. A 2/27 6-7:30pm(small gym) and 3/01 6-7:30pm(big gym) coach I. Zilys

              5th gr. 2/27 7-8:30pm(big gym) and 3/02 6-7:30pm (big gym) coach S. Zilys

              6th gr. 2/27 6-7:30pm(big gym) and 2/28 7-8:30pm (big gym) coach L. Zebrauskas

              7th gr. 2/27 6-7:30pm(big gym) and 3/01 6-7:30pm (big gym) coach K. Zilys

              8th gr. 2/27 7:30-9:00pm(big gym) and 3/01 7:30-9:00pm (big gym) coach A. Majus

             10th gr. 2/28 7:00-9pm (small gym) and 3/03 7:00-9pm (big gym) coach A. Matulevicius

              11-12th gr call coach Zilys 630-235-0264

             4-8th girls 3/01 4-6pm(big gym) coach A. Matulevicius

             9-12th girls 3/02 7:30-9pm(small gym) coach A. Matulevicius


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